Smile Makeovers

When the appearance of a person’s smile is in need of a complete renovation, we can help. With thorough planning, we can create multiple solutions for you to consider.  Extensive cases like makeovers often require complete dentistry to achieve optimum results. For example, it is usually not difficult to simply cover teeth with porcelain. It is true that these treated teeth will have a better appearance. However, there are often other factors that get overlooked.  Many times, the teeth themselves are in the wrong location and require orthodontics to re-position them prior to covering with porcelain. Sometimes the teeth are only part of the problem. The gum tissue may be overgrown, recessed, or in too poor of condition to frame the restored teeth. The dentist needs to know how to consider all of these factors when planning the makeover. These cases require time and commitment on the part of the doctor and patient in order to achieve a great resulting smile. At Westmount Dental Arts, we have a track record of delivering on these plans. Dr. LaMartina gathers all of the needed data like models, measurements, and specialty consultations to create a treatment plan that meets the patient’s goals.

Here are some cases we have treated in our office:

Smile Makeover

Multidisciplinary Cases