Root Canal Therapy

This treatment describes the removal of the nerve tissue and blood vessels located inside a tooth. A tooth’s root cannot be left hollow, so the area is filled or sealed up with a caulk-like material. The predictability of a root canal depends on both the quality of the diseased tooth and the technique used to treat it. 

Root canals are described as a “therapy” and not a cure. Not all cases are successful even though the dentist did everything correctly. For this reason, difficult teeth are usually best treated by a specialist. We have an excellent relationship with the area’s top specialists to help you get a high quality root canal treatment if the need arises. As was mentioned, not all diseased and damaged teeth are preserved indefinitely with root canal treatment. However, when conditions are favorable, a well done root canal is successful well over 90% of the time.

Here is what an X-Ray of a root canal treated tooth looks like: