Removable Partials

There are many ways to replace a few missing teeth. “Partials” can be made out of metal and plastic, or just plastic. Cost can vary depending on the materials used in the construction and the technique used to fit the appliance to the mouth.

For upper teeth, there is a flexible partial that blends into the surrounding gum and looks great. This type of partial is best used when the patient values cosmetics and comfort.

Flexible Partial

The traditional metal-based partial is more expensive than the others. Though it doesn’t look as good as a flexible partial, it is the most durable and long lasting. This type is best used when teeth are missing in the lower jaw or when there are only a few remaining natural teeth.

Metal Base Partial

The least expensive is a “flipper.” This is like an old fashion pink orthodontic retainer with teeth on it (pictured below on left). As an alternative, there is also a clear retainer with teeth that can be used for cosmetic purposes (pictured below on right).  These temporary solutions are designed as an inexpensive cosmetic treatment for missing front teeth. They are not intended for chewing.

Temporary Partials