Implant Supported Dentures

Full Arch Implants

One of the most common complaints from a denture wearer is that their teeth move around and cause sore spots. Some complain that it is hard to chew because their teeth won’t sit still. This is especially true for lower dentures. Ask your friends or relatives that have full dentures, they are sure to agree.

Implants can be used to attach the dentures to the jaws. In doing so, much of the plastic that covers the top and sides of the denture can be removed. This makes wearing the dentures much more enjoyable. After all, the teeth don’t move anymore, chewing ability improves, food textures return to normal, and sore spots do not develop.

There are many ways to configure how and where the teeth are attached to the patient’s mouth. Most allow the patient to remove the teeth at night and clean them. However, if the patient prefers, the teeth can be made to stay in permanently with removal only possible by the dentist.
As with most things, there are pros and cons to each approach to dentures that are attached with implants. The many options allow patients to find a proposal that suits their budget and needs.

Here are some cases restored in our office:

(Removable by the Patient)

(Not Removable by the Patient)