Technology Highlights

At Westmount Dental Arts, we provide our patients with dentistry's most advanced technology.

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Digital Scanners have almost completely replaced the wet gooey impressions you may remember. This amazing technology is the latest and greatest.Click the photo above to see it in action.
Cone Beam CT is an affordable CT-scan for dentists. This technology provides information about intricate dental anatomy that typically wasn’t available to practitioners in the past. This is usefull because it helps in the diagnosis of disease, placement of implants, and root canal treatment planning. Click on the photo above to see it in action.
With CAD/CAM technology we can scan a prepared tooth and create a crown for it in less than forty minutes. Now a patient can get a crown on the same day the tooth was prepared. There is no need for a temporary crown, a second round of shots, or another day off work to have the crown cemented.Click aon the photo above to see it in action.