Modern Technology

CEREC Computer Designed Dentistry

We make single visit crowns at this office. If you’ve had a crown done in years past, you may remember having to wear a plastic or metal temporary tooth while a dental laboratory made a crown for you. That meant you would have to return to the dentist a couple of weeks after the first appointment to get another shot and have the crown cemented in place. Now, with CAD/CAM technology, we can scan your prepared tooth with a special camera, and make a new crown in about 30 minutes. In most cases the tooth is still numb and the new crown can be cemented immediately.

image 18Cerec

3D X-rays

Our office has invested in a Sirona Cone Beam Computed Tomography unit. The CBCT allows the doctor to investigate dental pathology and plan with more accuracy for dental implants. Though this type of imaging has been available in dentistry for years, not many general dentists have taken advantage of the technology. Westmount Dental Arts is one of the only dental offices in the Parkland where a patient can benefit from 3D scans of their teeth and jaws.

Here is what a typical scan looks like:

image 19 cbctcOLLAGE

Digital X-rays

Westmount Dental Arts utilizes digital X-Ray technology for all radiographs. Our system combines accuracy and low radiation dose with patient comfort. Many offices use a cabled plastic block that is placed into the mouth to take an X-Ray. Often this block pinches or scratches the gum tissue causing discomfort. Our X-Rays are taken with a thin flexible device that looks and feels like traditional dental film.

Treatment Room Technology

Each treatment room has a computer workstation with dual monitors to keep you informed of diagnoses and treatments. This technology is essential to make and communicate conditions with you, the patient. So often, a problem is easy to understand when a person can actually see which tooth is decayed or broken. You don’t have to be trained as a dentist to see 90% of the conditions we come upon. You simply need to know where to look and what to look for.

image 20